Sunday, October 6, 2013

Get the Ombre Lips (popsicle)



This week I received my new lipstick and want to try out. When I try the NYX Round lipstick (Tea Rose). It look like this:


As you can see the lipstick has soft pink color  & very pretty itself. But I have pouty lips at the bottom and the lipstick din stay at my inner lips. So i wonder how I fix this…

then Pop! OMBRE style! the idea come to me.. it is because the Ombre style getting hot back recently, there are Ombre Jeans,Ombre shirt even Ombre Shawl selling faster out there. One of the popular Jeans made by Bellalunafky (you can search it in instagram).It so cool and colorful. So I come out with the idea. Using my Perri lip tint in RED I apply it inner of my lips it more last-longer.Then apply the lipstick to the race of the lips. Apply the tint in inner of the lips again and blend it. So the tone doesn’t look too obvious.  Hope you know what I mean.


*don’t forget to apply lipbalm before you apply the lip tint & if u rajin  use the lipliner to make the lipstick last-longer and more clean finished.

so what do you think? Flirt male


  1. nak try la buat ombre lips pulak :) macam sweet jerk

    1. buat buat jgn x buat nanti tag kite... :0

  2. Replies
    1. kan suka sebab x pale.
      x jugak terang lembut je..


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