Sunday, July 21, 2013

Personal Review: DIY Tomato Scrub

Most of you  heard the benefit of tomato scrub. But did you actually try it? Last week I didn’t much do anything interesting/new and getting bored. When  the time to “berbuka puasa” I see the tomatoes in the fridge and start thinking “why not I try to make my own tomato  scrub tonight?” the thing is I really like  it because It's fast, easy but most of all - it's 100% NATURAL! So before I share my experience trying  this “DIY TOMATO SCRUB”  Lets see how to  make them 1st:

its super easy rite?
Most of the beauty expert recommend this as they claim their skin soft & glowing after using the scrub regularly. I even see some of them have natural fresh blush in their skin! I love to get that since I have pale face.Crying face

Benefit of tomato scrub
A tomato scrub is an ideal exfoliating cleanser. Alpha hydroxyl Acids and vitamin C in tomato will brighten and soften your face. The daily use of using a tomato facial scrub makes the top layer of dirty cells peel off to promote your youth. Lycopene which is found in tomatoes may be the best free radical scavenger among carotenes.
MY review
Ive try the scrub twice and I love the feel of my skin after using the scrub. My skin getting softer than before and brighter fast since I got tan after guling guling at the beaches of Langkawi. Not to forget the tomato is one of anti-cancer!
(But  I think u have not to put the tomato in fridge too long as the juice may dry and the nutrient may gone (maybe?)

Do I use it in the future?
YES! I will use it as my regular scrub its great natural scrub  It is so easy to prepare and I usually have tomatoes and sugar in my kitchen, so I never have to go out and buy anything just for my scrub. It’s also way ECONOMY than a “commercial” scrub you buy at the store, more environment-friendly. CEH!
If you tried this tomato & sugar scrub, leave a comment and tell me if you liked it!  Questions or suggestions? Leave them in the comments box
that’s all for now bye
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  1. nice.. :D
    aku suke makan tomato. :D

  2. @aziz bagus la tu suka.makan tomat... Awer mu da u.. Hehe
    @nurain super tq.. Meh try..


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