Friday, June 21, 2013

Cats + Bag Hook & Women

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Assalammualaikum/selamat  sejahtera


I love cats and im women(women ke? im not a girl….not yet a women…Laughing out loud) with many handbags this is the perfect accessories for me! I saw this at Izzy Pets FB the price around RM35. So do u know any website selling those item? or you can just give me as a gift? muehheheNyah-Nyah just kiddin…



cats bag hook

cats bag hook2

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Thank you for reading this postRed heart


  1. rupanya butang penyangkut..kemain comel..sampaikan tak sanggup nak sangkut2 eh..hihi


terima kasih saya amat hargai komen anda


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