Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Ugly Moment: DAISO Cleansing Pad Review


Assalamualaikum Hello!

Its been a long time since I review for any product rite? This time I try to review it in English. Maybe its one of  the way to improve my English.Laughing out loud . Usually my post in Malay but all ROJAK CAMPUR SLANG in it. The confusion in writing still there.  Hope you understand what im try to deliver here.

Firstly, thanks to +alia farhan Said  because of her I own this cute useful thing. As I told you all in the previous post, I do the Beauty Box Swap project with blogger +alia farhan Said  you can read about  it here   and now im try to review the product in the box 1 by one Nerd smile.

My first impression on this cleansing pad that, I think it will be a little bit too rough for my skin. But, I WAS TOTALLY WRONG! It's super soft! I even love to touch the pad with my finger since it's super soft and smooth and it won't hurt or even scratch your skin.

They even have a small tester for us to feel on upper corner


see its supper soft since it made from silicone rubber.


this is the surface like


This is my ugly moment with handsome resultWinking smile

page best

How to use it?
1.Put your cleansing foam all over your face.
2. Gently rub your face using the cleansing pad.
3. Wash your face with water

as you can see the cleansing pad fit to the corner of the nose!
I feel all the dirt come off from my skin when I use this cleansing pad.I love the soft massage sensation. Feel my skin more soft and refresh!
With this pad I think I don’t need to buy scrub. Thank god! save my cost.

That’s all for now. Don’t hesitate to join my new Segmen & giveaway here!
Hope you all can get some info from this post. bye !Red heartOpen-mouthed smile


  1. bestnya dapat massage macam nie..sis nak cari jugak la...hehe

  2. @kisah si diary.. best kan kan.. ni pun nasib bek la org bagi kalo tak tak beli punya hihi malas

  3. mesti sedap je rasa muka pakai menda ni kan.. berapa satu ni yea?

  4. @tenku butang xpasti plak ngan harga. Murah kot. Ni pun.dapt.sebab hadiah xnampak lagi kat kedai2 tpr saya

  5. @tenku .. ni barangan daiso kan? barangan daiso sume rm5 ringgit :D


terima kasih saya amat hargai komen anda


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