Friday, May 24, 2013

Naturals by Watson:Olive Body Scrub Review


Akm/Selamat Sejahtera

So the other day, I mean 3 months ago I  ran out of  body scrub! So i to look for replenishment over the weekend. It always been a very natural thing to walk into any Watsons outlet whenever I see one cause Watsons is one awesome pharmacy with just almost everything you need! plus I have member card! HOYEIParty smile and and and… if you buy Watsons brand you got double point hoooooyeiParty smile

I came across Naturals by Watsons Hair Conditioner and Hair Mask.  What caught my attention from this product was the word NATUALS and  that it contains organic olive oil!.Then i saw body scrub!
So I grab the scrub! with the thought its less harm then the other scrubs. I thought I should give it a try. You never try, you never know Be right back

Unlike the other body scrub I’ve tried, this scrub not very thick it has creamy texture and light. It has pleasant natural fragrance which I like!Red heart.

After I using this scrub my skin more supple and smooth. Unlike the other scrub I’ve tried, this scrub not make my skin dry. Not necessarily to put lotion on your body.( I love it because Im a little lazy to put lotion all over the body.. make my hand tired bah! Laughing out loud) Maybe because it contains Shea Butter and vitamin E to help keep your skin moist and soft.Red heart

I do recommend this for those who have dry skin.

Now I ran out the body scrub again. But thank god MIVVA include the body scrub for their May BEAUTY BOX !. Gonna try it and make some review of it.

Fuh! this post I made while watch my 1st fav idol group 2pm!! after along comeback! they won 1st on MUSIC BANK K-CHART!!  WOOHA they “still got it” rite?
Ok thank  you for reading this post!Winking smileRed heart


  1. sis jenis dry skin dkt tangan dan kaki..tapi kat muka oily skin pulak..huhu..cane tu..:)

  2. @kisah Si Diary hehe.. pakai kar badan je nie kang lain jadiknya pakai kat muka.. :)


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