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May Review: I Heard MIVVA Beauty Box for June Gonna Be Colourific!

mivva may


Howz your day?  Hope yall  have a awesome day! !Today its holiday for Labuan & Sabah since its PESTA KEAMATAN fOR 30 &31 MAY. After have a long very buzy weekday, I full my holiday for cleaning the house and that’s the time I founds my  MAY Mivva beauty box . and omg! omaigod sangatlah kan today 31th already I din do the box review yet!

So lets check this  MAY MIVVA beauty box review from me tooooo yall!

The theme of this month is MOTHERS DAY!

I spotted a little bit diff from the previous mivva box, they changed the black mivva paper to the pastel yellow color.  Love the combination!


This month's mivva box would be much more suitable as a Mother's Day gift for your mom because some of their product not so suitable for my age :)


The surprise!

Product included
-Gentle exfoliating treatment that thoroughly removes dead,dull skin cells without causing the irritation. Suitable for all skin types,including sensitive.

2. A little cute flora cup! MIVVA always gift surprise!

-When I first open the box I wonder where is the nice smell coming from. Then I found this soap. Ahh! can wait to try share with my mom. I got MULBERRY Yogurt Soap for anti-aging and Natural Whitening.
Handmade Soap doesn’t get irritated or flare up as easily yet leaving skin moisturized. The soap made use fresh and natural high-quality  ingredients  such as essential oils,shea butter,olive oil oatmeal so its doesn’t harm your skin in the long run.

49.90 FOR 55G)
-Its micro-form cleansing powder which contains coconut and cinnamon botanic extracts. Remove blackheads and cuticles without drying the skin. ph 5.5 value. No worries to bring this cleanser into an aircraft!

-Botox-like cream for whitening and deep wrinkles. The cream features alow molecular weight hyaluronic acid which acts peptide to fill in deep wrinkles and strengthen the skin barrier.

-Contains 100% natural concentrates that strengthen the skins firmness and elasticity against stretch marks and hydrate very dry & itchy skin. Protect skin collagen from free radicals.

-Best selling body scrub comes with a rich blend of unique natural exfoliating agents and vital antioxidants. Added Gingko Biloba and Chamimile extract to leave skin renewed,smooth and health.

Already use it for 5 times. Love the sense and the feel of the skin after use it.


cards and vouchers included in MIVVA May Edition Box.
  • Yellow Mother's Day Card
  • Complimentary 4-in-1 Body Detoxification Therapy by Mary Chia worth RM 400
  • RM 20 discount voucher on Antipodes & NVEY Eco products
  • 20% Discount Voucher on Nature's Lab products
  • Purchase 6 Jojo E (32ml) and get 1 bottle FREE by 21 December 2013

okeh that’s the quick for this month review.

Thanks mivva for the surprise on this May's beauty box. As I told you I will never get disappointed on it . In fact, it surprise me all the way from the 1st beauty box until now! For those who din subscribe the Mivva Beauty box you can subscribe----> HERE 

I HEARD MIVVA Beauty Box for June Gonna Be Colourific.  Nope … nope, I din  heard, I got this information from Mivva Newsletter. You can expect to see the likes of *whisper* Liese, Skin 79, and Arty Professional in their June box. So get your surprise NOW!.

Thank you very much for reading this post gonna watch running men and continue for write the next entry! ok byeRed heartWinking smile

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mianhae (죄송합니다) : Sesi mencari semula Blogger yang mentag Aku

Akm/Selamat sejahtera
Tadi lepas mandi tiba tiba pulak teringat tentang blogger yang tag aku dalam post mereka! alamak aku belum balas lagi! Bila cari punya cari satu komen jak yang aku jumpa. Ampunkan saya penunggu belog (죄송합니다) :( +anis suryanie adakah itu anda? betol ke aku tag ni. Kot kot orang lain sama nama. hihi. Untuk yang lain  lain saya minta maaf ya. Tangguh punya tangguh sampai terlupa.buat post balas untuk anda.

Terima kasih sekali lagi kerana mentag saya.
Okeh la jumpa lagi dalam next entry.........yey lusa cuti! okeh bye!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Aksi comel melampau Minho Hyori & Yunho


Akm/Selamat Sejahtera


Jom tengok aksi aksi my vitamin untuk hari ini



tengah mengadap laptop tiba tiba ada plak rasa panas panas di belakang rupanya HYORI syok duduk atas tu




Hyori & Yunho: ni dua ekor budak yang endak mau masok rumah. buat deeeee jakAnnoyed



MINHO & YUNHO tengok burung



MINHO :main sorok dalam besen lagi..










Friday, May 24, 2013

Naturals by Watson:Olive Body Scrub Review


Akm/Selamat Sejahtera

So the other day, I mean 3 months ago I  ran out of  body scrub! So i to look for replenishment over the weekend. It always been a very natural thing to walk into any Watsons outlet whenever I see one cause Watsons is one awesome pharmacy with just almost everything you need! plus I have member card! HOYEIParty smile and and and… if you buy Watsons brand you got double point hoooooyeiParty smile

I came across Naturals by Watsons Hair Conditioner and Hair Mask.  What caught my attention from this product was the word NATUALS and  that it contains organic olive oil!.Then i saw body scrub!
So I grab the scrub! with the thought its less harm then the other scrubs. I thought I should give it a try. You never try, you never know Be right back

Unlike the other body scrub I’ve tried, this scrub not very thick it has creamy texture and light. It has pleasant natural fragrance which I like!Red heart.

After I using this scrub my skin more supple and smooth. Unlike the other scrub I’ve tried, this scrub not make my skin dry. Not necessarily to put lotion on your body.( I love it because Im a little lazy to put lotion all over the body.. make my hand tired bah! Laughing out loud) Maybe because it contains Shea Butter and vitamin E to help keep your skin moist and soft.Red heart

I do recommend this for those who have dry skin.

Now I ran out the body scrub again. But thank god MIVVA include the body scrub for their May BEAUTY BOX !. Gonna try it and make some review of it.

Fuh! this post I made while watch my 1st fav idol group 2pm!! after along comeback! they won 1st on MUSIC BANK K-CHART!!  WOOHA they “still got it” rite?
Ok thank  you for reading this post!Winking smileRed heart

Segmen Nabeel Fikree Mencari Bloglist #2

Nabeel Fikree sedang mencari bloglist untuk bulan Jun dan Julai iaitu pencarian bermula dari 26 Mei 2013 dan berakhir pada jam 11:59 malam 30 Mei 2013 nanti. 20 orang yang bertuah akan dimasukkan ke dalam bloglist Nabeel Fikree bermula 1 Jun nanti.

Syarat-syaratnya :
  1. Follow blog
  2. Buat satu entri bertajuk Segmen Nabeel Fikree Mencari Bloglist #2
  3. Sila copy code yang telah disediakan dan paste pada ruangan HTML entry
  4. Tinggalkan link entry pada ENTRY INI sahaja

Harap segmen ni mendapat sambutan.

Jumlah peserta yang akan di pilih untuk masuk ke dalam bloglist bergantung kepada penyertaan anda.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Segment Follow Mollow Dan Menang


Follower ke 1751 di blog Jenny Pa-un

Follower Terkini DeeMataQue Blog:

Google + :82

Saya mau jugak camera Lomo hihi

Semua Peserta sudah masuk Bloglist DeeMataQue!

Akm/Selamat sejahtera

Just mau inform semua yang list peserta Giveaway hari tu sudah di masukkan dalam bloglist DeeMataQue. Sapa sapa yang tidak termasuk boleh inform ya... manalah tau kan termiss (padahal tidak ramai pun hihi) saya appreciate support anda . tinggal belom post SophieParis Magic Cream Blusher  kepada pemenang sahaja . Sabar ya..

Okeh cau cin cau Terima Kasih kerana membaca post ini Red heart

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Word WISEnesday

pic from Motivation & Inspirational Stories FB

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This is How I beat My Monday BLUEs

Askm/Selamat Sejahtera..

Comel kan kak eh eh tersasul pulak kan. Comel kan My Minho dekat atas tu hihi. Korang selalu tak mengidam eh! menghidap penyakit Monday blues ni?

Sudah sedap sedap aku guling guling di rumah tetiba eh! besok hari Isnin da..So salah satu cara aku beat monday blues is to wear mask! kali ni aku pakai plak color blue ni. Nama dia  TIMELESS TRUTH Deep Sea Extract Moisturizing Mask.

Selain color dia yang warna warni pink ada kuning ada hijau ada. TT Mask ni best sebab different color has their own function yang blue ni untuk deep moisturizing. Bila esoknya Isnin syok jak letak bedak/make up ke muka sebab nampak moist dan tidak berdebu. Bedak pun tahan lebih lama tidak perlu balik balik touch up, ko taulahkan aku ni m-a-l-a-s. Bila duduk depan computer tak hengat dunia kadang kadang kencing pun lupa..

Lepas ni kena top up stok sendiri lah. Kena pakai 2-3x seminggu. I like this mask effect more then the Cooling Mask that ive try before!.


Moisturizing, Reduces and Avoids Dark and Uneven Complexion, Prevent Acne
more info about this mask boleh ke SINI

Untuk hilang kan Monday blues aku jugak  bermain  ambik ambik gambar sambil pakai mask ni.

 Be creative, or learn something new to get your brain active and start thinking of new things instead of dwelling on the old.

So ini lah hasil permainan snap snap gambar..

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram for more fun picture..

Follow @zyanapertalpah

Thank u for reading this post !Red heart

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Serius fast & Pretty: Resepi Ikan Merah stim All in 1



Bahan yang di gunakan hari ni bedasarkan apa yang ada dalam peti sejuk di rumah aku tau. Bukan ala ala thai bukan jugak ala ala nyonya. Tapi still sedap Winking smile aiseh!! puji diri sendiri. Sebenarnya yang membuatkan dia sedap sebab aku setahun sekali kot masak untuk orang lain selalu untuk tekak sendiri jakSmile with tongue out.


I called it “All in 1”sebab aku sekali masak sayur yang ada black pepper dalam bekas stim tu.

Tanpa membuang masa  jom tengok bahan bahannya.


Smile 2 ekor ikan merah sederhana besar

- lumurkan asam jawa dan kunyit ke atas ikan

-biarkan seketika


kemudian letakkan ikan tadi kedalam bekas pengukus bersama sama bahan di bawah


Smile bawang merah 3 ulas di hiris

Smilebawang putih 3 ulas dihiris

Smileserai 2 batang di hentak<----main ko tu hentak hentak

Smilehalia dihiris

Smilesos tiram secukup rasa

Smilesayur lobak


Untuk tekak aku, aku letakkan sedikit Winking smileblack pepper ke atas sayur lobak tersebut. Sebenarnya aku letak lobak sebab mau jimat masa tapi its turn delicious pulak sebab rasa manis lobak tu menyerap dekat ikan dan kuah dia.Flirt male  baru plak aku tau kan fungsi dia. Ni jarang masak punya pasal la hihi.


So last sekali aku letakkan

Smilelimau kasturi

SmileLada besar merah & hijau biar nampak colorful sikit





Habis aku korek isi dia x sabar mau rasa hihi


kalo dekat peti sejuk korang ada daun sup ka daun bawang letakla  lagi sedap!





untuk lebih mantap lagi aku buat la sambal simple2  yang sesuai bila ko siram atau cecah kat atas ikan tu .bahan bahannya


Smile tomato dipotong dadu

Smilekicap manis cair

Smilecili padi

Smilebawang besar (onion)


Fuh akhirnya siap jugak untuk entry hari ni. Taip ni pun sambil tengok 1 Night 2 Days (Korean: 1박 2일) kat kbs world hihi. okeh la bye selamat mencuba!Red heart


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