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“No one in this world is ugly only the lazy one”TT Mask Review

When Im come  a cross this quote somewhere I just senyum senyum. Terasa lah tu! Open-mouthed smile  Because of the word L -A- Z-Y  and the word of “no time” , I started  to taking care my skin LATE!  ya! I started at my late 20s and when my pigmentation start to happily shown everywhere on my face, i become panic.

So recently I started think to include face mask in my skincare regime . Since theres a lot of mask out there im getting confuse which one I wanna try. Thank god my MIVVA Beauty Box April edition  arrived at home at the perfect  time! and one of  the product is face mask by Timeless Truth. 

When I started  go thru the product description and picture im getting more excited to try all the mask! it so attractive with the pattern and color!l. I get the Timeless Truth Charcoal Deep Whitening Mask and I wanna try the pink blue…. all!Party smile each color have their own function.
TT also get an award for their mask!

Timeless Truth Charcoal Deep Whitening Mask
The black diamond design is the effect compressed charcoal powder onto the cloth under high temperature. Timeless Truth Charcoal Deep Whitening Mask is meant to deeply cleanse your skin and at the same time gradually whitens your skin to achieve a fairer you.

So check this out
Its super easy to put on and the material din easily  torn (im ganas you know –if too soft definitely its torn).

But I wear it terbalik ! Nyah-Nyah supposedly to wear with the darker side facing in.

After I use the mask


Red heart After I using this mask my skin feel clean and fresh, my skin become  a little bright soft, some of my dark spot less appear, my pore seems a little thigh,  and my skin more elastic to!
Red heart I like this kind of the material they use as a mask  because its not easily torn . It like kain cotton but the softer one/. I don’t like the one like tissue because it may terkoyak by meSmile with tongue out
Red heart when I put on my make up for the next day , I realize that my bb cream  easy to bland and more flawless.
Red heart love  the attractive pattern and color of the mask!

Im so happy with this mask and decided to share to all of u. Luckily I accepted as authorized reseller in Malaysia !
once again thank you MIVVA for introduce this great product.
So What you waiting for? u can get it here just pick the color and pamper yourself !


Why Timeless Truth Mask?

  1. The only skincare brand in Burj Al-Arab – Tower of Arabs; 7 stars hotel in the world.
  2.  Available at Armani Hotel, Dubai.
  3. Selective masks are available at 370 outlets in Sephora France and Italy.
  4. Selective masks are available at 70 over outlets in Parashop, France.
  5. 4 flagship stores in Taiwan and China.
  6. Marketed by ColourMix in Hong Kong and Macau.
  7. Leading Taiwan skincare brand.
  8. GMP + ISO22716 + ISO9001 certified
  9. Certified Halal by the Chinese Muslim Association of Taiwan.
  10. The products have been registered with the Ministry Of Health, Malaysia.

Additional Milestones

  1. 2012 - TT mask approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia (BPFK)
  2. 2011- Certified ISO 22716 : Cosmetics - Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  3. 2010- Certified ISO 9001.
  4. 2010- Registration of “Firm Skin Mask” and “Orchid Extract Whitening Mask” to Halal Certificate from China Muslim Association
  5. 2010- Awarded “SBIR Innovation and R&D Fund” from Kaohsiung City Government
  6. 2009- Awarded “National Quality Award” from China Bicoastal Consumer Association
  7. 2009- Awarded “Taiwan Consumer Satisfaction Golden Award “from National Consumer Gratification Award Judge Committee (2 years in a row)
  8. 2008- Awarded “Taiwan Best Brand” from China Bicoastal Economic Association
  9. 2008- Awarded “Taiwan Consumer Satisfaction Golden Award “from National Consumer Gratification Award Judge Committee
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  1. @tenku butang a'a does work on my skin.. ;pam pam jelah skin "matang" huahua.. macam nak try yg kunin ada mutiplr kolagen :)


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