Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hello  Asslamualaikum,

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I do accept any kind of sponsor products/paid post/review/material related or any type of advertorial inquiries of a product, company or blog. The post can be in Bahasa (BM) or English.

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This blog content may not follow recent trend .Please respect and the writing style of this blog , comments or contents posted by readers that contain nudity, harm, cyber bullying, or any negative related stuff will be deleted. All content or opinions is not meant to harm or malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company or individual. My blog are encouraging for positive post and feedback. Some of  product may not suitable for me but suitable for u.

All images that  published and taken from my own  camera (i mean my camera hp :P) are owned by me unless stated  If you wish to use an image from this blog please link it back to this blog . The content published on the blog cannot be any copy, reproduction, republishing, uploading, posting, transmitting or duplicating for commercial / business marketing use without my express written permission. To obtain permission to copy portions of the blog, please send an e-mail to me . Please don’t use my information or blog to negative purpose. All ‘borrowed’ images will be linked back and credited.. When linked to other sites, I am not responsible for any content, images or services offered through them. 
Thank You Red heart


  1. hehe..
    aku ade tersenarai dalam blog yg ko suke..
    awat pic masa kecik?
    pic latest takde ker?

  2. @Jaws saja jak tu nanti kalo aku letak pic aku semua menyangkut kat aku kalo ko rajin ko bleh jumpa gak gambar aku dlmblog ni

  3. helo mate!!.. aku pon Pert.. hehehe.. heran gak awek nama pert.. haha..
    lawat la blog aku tau.. yg xbape best..

    Hidup pert!!!

  4. sy pun mau mracau d blog ko ni jugak la..(wlupun sia blum knal pasti siapaka gerangan budak yg mracau d blog aku td = ko la tu ) akan ku identiti ko sbnr whai sumandak..gahahahhahaha (^+^)

  5. waiiiyy... bini c pejal bah ni aku rs...ka adeknya? klu adek..bah...jgn rsau jg juak ko pny abg d johor ni (gahaha) klu bini c pejal... tukar prkataan.. sa jg juak ko pny abg ipar d johor ni (gahaha)..

  6. @white eve apakah racauan mu tu kawan2 blog baitu cpejal tu hehe


terima kasih saya amat hargai komen anda


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